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Possible to link to open socket?

(Basem Elsokary) #1

I wasn’t sure where to put this question,…I am new to Backendless, and get how to utilize the services for a mobile app. I am trying to see if I can replace some old server code I wrote using Backendless…this is the service that is essential for me to update:

  • Need a service that can connect to an open socket xml feed. Once connected, this socket will stream xml data on various intervals dependent on real time events. The service would just need to do two things ideally:
  1. Process that data and store it.
  2. Publish key data points to a pub/sub message stream for mobile apps to subscribe to and get those events in near real time.

Not sure if there is a way to do something like that with the existing feature set in Backendless…I’ve done a bit of searching, but it’s not very apparent to me at least if that’s possible. I know Pub/Sub is supported, but the open socket connection is the bigger question here.


(Vladimir Upirov) #2

Hello Basem
If I correctly understand you, it’s not possible unfortunately,
because ServerCode invocation has time limit, for example on Free Plan you have 5 seconds

but I guess there are a few solutions for you:

  1. you can do it with using Timer
  2. or you can have your own simple server which will connect to the socket and send data to PubSub channel