POST Error - JSON parse error: 'Wrong JSON or ContentType

Hi Backendless Community,

I’m facing an issue with my Tables REST API calls.
I can GET data from the Backendless REST Console and my Bubble web-app.
However, when I try to POST or PUT, I always get this error message:

“code”: 17000,
“message”: “JSON parse error: ‘Wrong JSON or ContentType.’.”

I know that I missed something but I can’t find what.
Any idea guys?

Thanks a lot!


Could you please show a sample request which results in that error?




Thanks. This is just the body of the request. A complete request also includes:

  • HTTP operation (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE)
  • URL
  • HTTP headers
  • Request body (we already got that)


Hello @Flrn

I believe you missed a Content-Type: application/json http header

Regards, Vlad

Hi @mark-piller & @vladimir-upirov,
I tried to follow your instructions but I’m still facing an error message.
Do you know what I miss?

Hello @Flrn

To understand the reason, we need to find out what you are actually sending to the server.

What program are you using to send your request?
This is a browser program? If yes - see what exactly sends with use the built in tools or available plugins for any browser out there, like Firebug for Firefox or Chrome’s developer tools. Each have a network tab that you can use to see all GET / POST requests and responses to any type of resource. See for Chrome.

@Flrn do you use bubble?
try to see how I do it. did you miss something.

Hello @Flrn

What exactly do you want to do?

What is this program that you have in the screenshot for sending a request?

Try using our REST Console ( Backendless REST Console, How to Use Backendless REST Console) or using curl or Postman.

Hi guys,

Sorry for late reply!

Thanks @xiaomieya for your help. :grinning:
I’m going to try this out!

@Vladimir_Yalovy I’m building a web-app through ; which is a nocode builder.
I want to use Backendless as web-app’s external backend using REST API, but it’s not super easy to integrate the solution.


@Flrn Backendless rest API is very straight forward and conforms to the best practices of the industry standards. I am sorry you find it difficult, perhaps the problem is in how bubble lets you integrate external services. Btw, you might want to give our own UI Builder a try.