Pr_end_of_file_error / err_ssl_protocol_error

I’m having trouble working out why I’m unable to preview my project.
app id: **************
I’ve published it but get SSL related errors:

I’m unable to disable SSL on the default domain name, so I can’t test if there’s an issue with the generated certificate for the cloud 99 trial.
Since I’m just trying things out before I decide if I want to subscribe I haven’t attempted to add a custom domain.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious. Any advice would be appreciated.


Hi @Ross

I just opened your app and do not see any problems

Thanks, Vladimir.
Virgin media are blocking it all of a sudden.
Looks like I’ll have to develop using a VPN.

have you seen the following post?

Oh interesting. I didn’t think the hub did anything while in modem only mode, but maybe it does. I’ll check the settings later. Thanks!

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OK yeh there are “Child Safe” and “Virus Safe” options in the Virgin Media account settings. Disabling “Virus Safe” fixed the issue.

Thanks for the lead, Vladimir.

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You legend, Virgin Media was ruining my day… Thank you very much!