Prerequisites for "Spring Board Plan"


Can somebody, Please let me know what are the prerequisite for working with the “Spring Board Plan” ?

Somebody told me I need to download “Android Studio” or “Firebase” on my PC to go ahead with this section, is it so ?

Please guide and assist.

Thank you


Perhaps this will help:


Thank you for your revert Mark, But it still does not talk about “Prerequisite” .

Please let me know what is all the i need on my computer to work ahead with my “Spring Board Missions” ?

Thank you for your time.

Each mission has its own requirements. You go in and do each mission one by one.

Hey Mark,

Yes, I understand each mission has its own requirement.

But, Can you let me know down the line in my missions under “Spring Board” will i need any of the development tools like “Android Studio” or “Firebase” ?

I need to know that as i am going to hire people to work on this part is vital for me.

Appreciate your understanding.

For the Springboard plan you will need to complete the following missions:

For these missions, you will not need Android Studio/Firebase. However, after the Springboard milestone (the thick vertical line) there is a mission for push notifications which will require Android Studio/Firebase.


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Thank you so very much Mark, Yes this is what i wanted to hear. I have another account and Push notification is where i am stuck at.

Thank you for your time and clarification.

Cheers !