Prevent team member(developer) from publishing container

Good day.

Is there a way that I can prevent a team member from publishing a container?

Or even better, an option that requires all team members, or owner of app, to approve publish?

I would like to, in future, be able to have a team member work on UI, but not publish until approved by me? Or that only I (as owner) am allowed to publish?

When I look at team member permissions, even if user is read only the user can still publish.

Thank you

Hi Frans,

I just tried to play with various File-related permissions for developers on a team and see that the scenario you described is indeed not supported. This is an important use case and I am scheduling an improvement for the product team to add to the platform.

What other UI-Builder restrictions for a team member can you envision?


Hi Mark.

Thank you for the quick reply. Could you please inform me when this has been implemented?

The only other thing I can think of at this moment is that it would be awesome if read/write/visibility can be adjusted per container or page per team member. That way team members can work on separate containers/ pages, and a lead developer or owner can merge all containers/pages and publish. I am not sure how many teams would actually use this, I think you guys would have a better idea on that. Unfortunately people can be nasty beings, and would sabotage another’s work for their own gain.

But for me personally, I envision this as an opportunity for a “competition”. Assign 2 members the same challenge, see who comes up with the best build, or even merge the best of both into a single product.

That’s just my 2 cents there, can’t see it as a very important option, but might be something some teams can really benefit from.

Thank you for the awesome platform, and the awesome support!!

Hello @Frans_Fourie

Thank you for your suggestion!
I’ve created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-27670 to discuss it with our team.