Previous value during onChange event

Is it possible to get to the previous value during an onChange event? Or do I have to store those values somewhere before the first onChange happens to be able to compare?

Hi @Egil_Helland

no, there is no such context block
however, as a workaround, you can store the value somewhere on the onChange event and get it at the very top of the handler logic

I’m going to create a ticket to add the block


Thanks @vladimir-upirov,

In the interim I am using On Focus event to temporary store the old value in the Form, and picking it up from there On Change.

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Hi @Egil_Helland,

We’ve just updated cloud servers with a feature for the issue you described above.
Added previous value for components:

  • AutocompleteGooglePlaces
  • Input
  • RadioButtonsGroup
  • Select
  • Slider
  • Textarea
  • ColorPicker
  • DateTimePicker


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