previously working GET query resulting in internal server error (regression)

since today (or maybe yesterday) a GET request always fails with an internal server error:
Here is the error:

Internal server error with id 04FCBBA6-E0C3-F949-FF22-E0C485940900

The (GET) request:!%3Dtrue%20AND%20(Setcard__c%5BAttachments__r%5D.objectId%3D%2716A05AB0-F248-F426-FF47-669BAFCB9900%27%20AND%20(Type__c%3D%27Logo%27%20OR%20Type__c%3D%27Moodpicture%27))&props=

This breaks our whole service, so please fix immediately.

Hi, Mathis,

We are looking into it, please send us your AppId and data export to with tag BKNDLSS-12102

Regards, Artur.

mail got sent

Hi Mathis,

Option “sortBy=created DESC” is used by default, so you may omit it. Please try it and notify us whether it fixed your problem.

But still please send us the information requested by Artur, if possible, so that we could reproduce the problem and fix it.

This might work for exactly this request, but it seems that it does not work using sortBy=created ASC/DESC at all, which we need for other functionality.

Yes, I understand. I’m already working on a fix.

Hi Mathis,

We updated the server with a fix for this problem. Please try again and notify us whether everything is OK.


I think this can be closed.