Price increase

Dear Backendless-Team,

with our business application, we store significantly more data than originally planned, and now I’ve looked on the Backendless website to see what options we have for storing more data in a table. That’s when I noticed that the “Unlimited Business Logic Scripts” function package is now priced at $60 instead of $20. At first I thought it was a mistake, but then noticed the price hike blog post.

It is clear that prices are increasing. Above all, we in Europe are realizing that everything has become enormously expensive, mainly due to the war in Ukraine, but that is now triple the fee! How did this drastic price increase come about? Or is that a mistake?
We plan with budget costs per year and one also counts on increased costs, but not with triple costs for a package. The higher costs will not kill our company now, but we do not know such drastic price increases, although everything is increasing here.

Hi Gerrit,

This is the first price increase for the function packs since we introduced them 7 years ago. I’d say the previous price was making them greatly underpriced and we as a company were eating a lot of costs.

Usage of the Business Logic Scripts in particular has a significant cost factor in our infrastructure as it directly impacts the allocation of the CPU time as well as memory (both are the most expensive elements in the infrastructure spending). The current increase is designed to align the prices with the current market conditions, we simply cannot afford to absorb the costs any longer.

Kind regards,

Hi Mark,

thanks for the fast respond!

Of course, I can completely understand that prices have to be adjusted to your own costs. However, the prices should be continuously adjusted. We’ve only been around for a short time and now comes a price increase of 300%. It would be easier for us to plan if the costs rose continuously and not suddenly.
I don’t have any comparison with other providers either, because we decided on backendless very quickly, so we don’t know what the costs would be with other platforms.

The $480 additional cost per year isn’t going to kill us now, but we may need to upgrade to a higher plan as we will likely need to store 350,000-400,000 records per table. Backendless can’t do anything about that, but we also have to plan for additional costs here, since there is probably no other option. However, we currently do not need the other additional resources of the higher plan.

We hope that the costs that we do not incur ourselves can simply be better planned in the future.