Print and console.log has randomly stopped working


I’m not sure if I’ve made some changes/mistake somewhere but the “print” codeless block doesn’t render anything in the console.

Randomly stopped working yesterday.

I have setup a test page in the “beta-admin” container called “print-test”



Yesterday this page also stopped rendering

I just get a black image


  1. I see “TEST” log.
    The message may not be displayed because an error occurs before the execution of the print block. Or you filter message in dev tools. To check is it a filter, test with “alert” block.

  2. There throwing error. You should debug this page. Somewhere you try to get “length” of something is not exist. Logic should looks like “COMPONENT.length > 1”



  1. Rookie mistake! I had some random text in the filter in dev tools that I must have put there by accident.

  2. Because of issue 1 I couldn’t see the errors in issue 2.

All resolved now, sorry to bother you with something so simple but thank you!

Kind Regards,