Pro Installation Question- REST console referring to backendless.local but container doesnt recognize local?

I have a pro installation deployed on a digital ocean ubuntu droplet and it is running properly. I can add tables, data, views etc from the GUI. When I connect a front end source running locally on the same vpc, I can access the data via REST by specifying my ip address and port 9000 in the URL.

However, within my backendless REST console, I am getting thrown a ‘network error’ because the REST url is calling backendless.local:9000. I think this is occuring because the docker container running backendless doesn’t recognize what local is referring to. Is there a way I can change this so that the URL in the rest console is pointing to the right place? I feel like the answer might be obvious but I can’t piece it together :sweat_smile:

Hello @Anthony_Ettore

Try to use pro-manager GitHub - Backendless/pro-manager as it has much more easier administration process


Hi @viktor.liablin thanks for the guidance. Do I need to remove my current installation of backendless pro and re-install entirely with pro-manager? Or can I install pro manager on a machine with my existing setup?


First you have to uninstall then install