problem in VideoService Sample in iOS

If I run VideoService Sample iOS then it gives error described below:

  1. Unknown connect error (unsupported authentication method?)
  2. Connection failed: Application rejected connection.

How can I resolve it?


I just checked VideosService sample - it works fine for me.
Did you try this sample without any changes?
Please, send me your appId & secretKey - my email:, I investigate this problem and let you know how it goes.


Hi Slava,

Thanks for your comments. I have try it without any changes and it give errors previously described. I am sending you my APP ID and APP Secret. Kindly check your email and let me know the cause after your investigation.


Hi Prem,

I reproduced this issue, and its cause is the user permissions for NotAutentificatedUser role:</img>

If ‘Play Recorded Audio & Video’ permission is denied, you can not play not only RECORDED, but and LIVE stream.

So, grant the ‘Play Recorded Audio & Video’ permission, and try again.


Hi Prem,

I think, this problem is determined by some attributes of your backendless app.
I cannot understand how it goes, so please create new backendless app, don’t change any its options, and try again VideoService sample.

Hi Slava,

    I am not able to understand why this issue happening in swift VideoService Demo. But Objective-C VideoService Demo working fine with my APP ID and APP SECRET.

Ok, Prem, I’ve understood what this is a funny bug.

Your stream was recorded with ‘tube’ == ‘Default’ (maybe with obj-c VideoService sample):</img>

but in swift VideoService this option is ‘videoTube’:</img>

So, please change this var in swift sample:

let VIDEO_TUBE = "Default"

and it will go fine.


Hi Slava,

Thanks a lot. Its working with “Default” keyword. Will you please tell me that what is the purpose for this variable/keyword? If I am already giving stream name in Textfield? Can you provide Class Documentation that describe all classes, constants, function and their parameters because it must necessary to wisely use this framework as per my requirement.



Well, you could use a doc section and blog posts. Now we hard working for refactoring of our docs, hope it will be more helpful asap.

But in your doc section it explain only implementation of certain functionalities but it not explaining about classes and their functions.

For example Playing on Demand video doc section gives following Code Snippet :

-(void)playRecordedStream:(NSString *)streamName tube:(NSString *)tubeName orientation:(UIImageOrientation)orientation{ MediaPlaybackOptions *options = [MediaPlaybackOptions recordStream:self.playbackView]; options.orientation = orientation;self.player =[backendless.mediaService playbackStream:streamName tube:tubeName options:options responder:self];}

Above code explain implementation that will achieved by calling “playbackStream” function of MediaService class property of Backendless object. But its not explaining about “playbackStream” function with its all parameters. Any view on this?