Problem while changing IP of standalone installation ??

Hi -

I am getting below error while changing IP of standalone installation.

mye@ip-172-31-5-134:/data/backendless-3.0.0-27$ sudo ./apps/backendless/bnconfig --machine_hostname
[sudo] password for my:
Problem running post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly
Error running /data/backendless-3.0.0-27/ stop play: child process exited abnormally

I know the support for standalone is not FoC - but just want to know - is there any quick fix to it -like deleting some file etc and restarting - or I will have to re-install it completely ??


Hi Aditya,

Please provide playServer.log (path: <installdir>/apps/backendless/logs/playServer.log).