Problem with data binding and displaying data from my database using containers

I used the youtube tutorial as reference and followed step by step. But it just does not show the data for my app. Its supposed to show a list of stores from my database but its not visible.

I binded the data with the text field and did my page load workflow, but still nothing. can you help?

Hi. We need more information about the problem you stuck with.
Please, provide AppId and point here the page (in your app) where you create the binding. Also, please share the steps you did when configuring data binding.

the app ID is

the problem is my grocery page, the container does not want to repeat the data from my merchants tables.

Steps i took to make this:

  1. I created a container with a cell in the front end for displaying merchant names & their images from my merchants table in my data base.
    my frontend grocerypage:

  2. I used data binding for the text field to the row name in my merchants table in my data base. Did the same with the image.
    3.I selected dynamic list behavior for the container

  3. Then i created logic which can be seen in the image provided.

  4. Then i tried to run the app a couple of times but still nothing.

I then created a test page to see my mistakes and the test page worked, it has only the container with name & image that is data bound to my merchants table in my database.

so im not sure what i did wrong in my groceries page, please help!

Hello @thando_maseko

Thanks for the additional information, but app id is a little another thing(see pic), you provide your domain.

As for your problem, you disable display for merchantContainer and create one unneeded Dynamic Container(for my opinion) at the element with id - Row. If you need that, please return it.

Also, will be great if you confirm about everything works fine now.

Regards, Dima.

the app id : 66368891-8951-C3F9-FF44-CFD1A7826600

i will try your suggestion and ley you know