Problem With Displayed Plan

I changed our app (ACE46687-EB31-F095-FF38-CDB1E0260900) to “Scale Fixed, Tier 5” the day before you all were doing away with the Cloud99 Plan (I think it was April 30th), now I noticed in billing that it’s saying that we’re on “Scale Variable”.

Could someone please investigate why this happened and correct it back to “Scale Fixed, Tier 5” please?

I expect that we should receive some type of credit for the difference?



Hi @Michael_Kadron

We are looking into your issue and will help as soon as possible


Hi @Michael_Kadron ,

Sorry for inconvenience.
I have checked your app stats and billing details. This situation occurred during migration of your app from Cloud 99 plan due to the plan deprecation. During this process your scheduled plan change was reset.
I have granted your app a credit on difference between charges on “Scale Variable” and “Scale Fixed, Tier 5”.
Also I tried to change your app plan to “Scale Fixed, Tier 5” but was unable to do it due to open balance which remains on your application.
Please ensure that your credit app has enough funds and try to upgrade to “Scale Fixed, Tier 5” by yourself. During upgrade you will be charged for open balance plus prorated amount for new plan.

Regards, Andriy

Hello @Andriy_Konoz

Open balance?

I was charged $109.07 on 6/12 after I updated my card.

What open balance are you referring to?


@Michael_Kadron ,

There was $222.60 of open balance on your application.

This amount was formed by billing system in period from 11th of June (start of your current billing period) and 26th of June. Payments for 27th and 28th were not yet formed by billing.

I have granted your app $116.47 of credit for difference in charges between your actual “Scale Variable” and “Scale Fixed, Tier 5” (27th and 28th of Jun were considered). After this action your open balance reduced to $110.38.

During plan change to “Scale Fixed, Tier 5” you will be additionally charged prorated amount for “Scale Fixed, Tier 5” - for period from day of plan change to 11th of July (end of your billing period).

Regards, Andriy

So, I guess that this takes care of this month’s current billing for July 11th and we will have no charges for July 11th?

Mikes, click here.

@Michael_Kadron ,

After upgrade you will be charged only for overages - for periods of time when your app exceed Tier 5. If your app stays at Tier 5 or below there will be no charges until July 11th.

Regards, Andriy


Thank you.

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