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Problem with multiple creation of services

I’ve had an issue the past few days where I’m starting the services and servers after logging in and some of them haven’t started up properly. Upon looking in my services, I have multiple of each of the services that haven’t started, switching to the latest “copy” lets me access the webpage, but only to find a “Server temporarily unavailable” message.
Edit: I tried each of the “copies” of the services to see if any would work, none of them did.
Edit2: Looking through the log files, it seems as though port 9000 is blocked.


Hi Kieran,

Our play server runs on 9000 port, so it should be available.



Hi Denys,

It works fine when I install it, but on restarting the computer/logging back in, it doesn’t seem to work, I’ve had this issue a few times now and the only way I’ve been able to get around it is by doing a fresh install of it.

Please, provide logs of unsuccessful start of server

Here are the logs from apache2 error and playServer, I’ve had to copy/paste them into a txt file as the .log file wouldnt attach. It is the BackendlessPlayServer that won’t start.

error2.txt (9.65kB)

playServerLog.txt (15.89kB)

I’ve fixed the problem I was having, turns out that the logs literally told me what to do, when I eventually found the logs they told me to delete this file : \Bitnami\backendless-3.0.0-24\apps\backendless\htdocs\RUNNING_PID