Problems in installing Backendless 5

Hello backendless team,

I have a problem upgrading the iSO SDK to the latest version (5.2.3). So currently Im stuck with 4.5.0.

My whole project is in Obj C only

The Reason is :

When I try upgrading to version 5.x , your pod installs additional components (Socket IO Swift) and (StarScream), these will make an issue with the App linking … so I did ask you before and the suggestion was to enable (use_frameworks!) thing … I did that but this made the pod updating operation to fail with errors in processing Google Maps Pod :

"The ‘xxxx’ target has transitive dependencies that include static binaries" and it will be stuck…

I don’t know what to do here and I suspect that using an old version is giving me another error when I call backendless find API while offline …its giving me the following error:
-[Fault defaultAdapt]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x280874990

Any help please ?

Hi Backendless Team,

Im still waiting for your comments here please


Assuming you have

pod 'Backendless'
pod 'GoogleMaps'

I’ve checked the pods installation with Backendless 5.2.3 and GoogleMaps 2.7.0 and everything works fine - no conflicts appeared.
Please create and attach here a simple project that only reproduces the issue (only a simple code sample and a podfile) so we can reproduce and check this problem.


Hi Olga,
For the above part it will work … however try adding the Utilities Pod of Google Maps SDK:

pod ‘Google-Maps-iOS-Utils’

This is where you will get the errors… I juts tested it and it gave me the same Errors I raised in the original message


Ah, I see.
It seems like the Google-Maps-iOS-Utils library is not compatible with use_frameworks! because we depend on the static library GoogleMaps.

Maybe these topics could help you?


Hi Olga,

Thanks … its working fine now after following some of the above instructions