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Problems with Pub/Sub Messaging

I’m having two separate issues when trying to publish a message to a channel through the Backendless console.

  1. Character limit not accurate. The Message text box has a counter underneath that reads “2048 Characters left” but it never updates when typing in the field. Also, when entering a message of a certain length that is definitely less than 2048 characters, I get an error message saying Character limit exceeded. See attached screenshot for example.

  2. When typing in a much shorter message text “test message”, it allows me to publish without throwing errors. However, the clients I have running on my devices that are successfully subscribed to the channel are not receiving the message.

I’ll ask our QA to verify (1).

As for (2): I was able to reproduce the problem. Only the first message is delivered to the client, then the subscription thread stops. It is a regression in the latest build of backendless.jar. We’re working on a resolution.

You can download a fixed build for the second problem from:

Regarding the limit of messages in the browser, it is currently set to 200 characters, however when sending using the API, you can send 2048 bytes without a problem.

The updated SDK is working.

Same error than number 1, here. It does show a textbox with 2048 characters limit, but it doesn’t update when you type some chars and the limit is far less than 2048.

Wouldn’t it make sense to override the 200 chars limit or change it to avoid confusion between the users?