Project backup

I had a project named “Tour” in my account. I haven’t logged in to my account for a while. Now I logged in and found that it has vanished! I need the project because I had uploaded important files on that. Please help me to access the backup.

client: android
backend_application_id: ECC2C9B6-84A1-F2DE-FF4F-25E2280FCA00
backend_secret_key: B713B247-4E28-23F3-FF7D-BA6CE2319D00
backend_version: v1


Hi Shakib,

Per the terms of service (section 1.6) we periodically remove applications that have no API activity and where the developer does not log in for a long time. We consider these applications abandoned and since they take up valuable resources, they are removed from the system. In order to prevent this from happening, an application can be put in a paid plan, which will prevent the app from being removed.