Is there a document or article that describes the various setting possible with the properties.ini?

ok, revising my question here… Is there documentation on Backendless 4.0 configuration? the values and parameters and files mentioned are not the same any more.

The documentation for Pro 4.0 is being updated, we have not released it yet. Is there a specific property I could help with?

There are a few things:

    The instructions point to a file that isn't really present in Backendless 4 that we can find ( <installdir>/apps/backendless/htdocs/conf/backendless.config). I assume that this has been replaced by properties.ini. Is this correct? We would like to use Aurora, but see that you have MariaDB as the database type in the properties.ini. I do see that the host and port for the database in the properties.ini, but the connection credentials aren't there. We would want MongoDB to be running on an independent cluster as well. The AWS documentation only show clustering for RDS, Elasticache, and EFS. Should we assume that MongoDB wasn't included because there isn't a native AWS Mongo service, or is there a reason that MongoDB should run on each node? For Redis: is this the correct and only place we would need to change the values assuming and install path of /opt/backendless - /opt/backendless/apps/backendless/modules/coderunner/bin/
These are all that we have so far! Thanks in advance.

You’re right, backendless.config has been split into individual files, each responsible for holding configuration for a specific part of the product. All files are located in <installdir>/apps/backendless/htdocs/conf/

Database connection properties are in <installdir>/apps/backendless/htdocs/conf/ The product has been tested with RDS, but we have not done any testing with Aurora.

properties.ini is used exclusively by the installer, backendless does not need the file at all.

MongoDB connection properties are in <installdir>/apps/backendless/htdocs/conf/ We didn’t include mongo in the deployment scenarios because AWS, just like you said, does not provide a native Mongo service.

Redis configuration is in two places:


Thanks for the reply.
We’re testing out this deployment now!

One big question that came up - how do you currently handle upgrades and/or patches? From what I gather from reading, it appears that it would be a new installation and migration. Is that correct?

A new installation with migration is certainly one option. For version 4 we also plan to provide binaries (in addition to a new installer) so you can patch an existing installation.