?props= not returning data relation columns?


passing an invalid name is OK: {“code”:1054,“message”:“Column ‘restoo’ does not exist in table ‘Users’”,“errorData”:{}}

passing a data relation column name is not OK: {"___class":“Users”}

passing "?props= " shows all the columns without the data relation columns.

The record has a relation.


Passing a relation name using the following format is OK:


Yes it works!

Thx for the quick respons !

One more question: for a data relation column there is no not null option? How to enforce this? With business logic API?

What do you mean by “null option” What do you need to do?

Standard columns can have the constraint “No nulll(requires)” but data relation columns don’t have it.

I want to enforce that every child has a parent (like in the real world :wink: )

Hi @Johan_Awouters !

Unfortunately there is no “not null” constrain for relations. The only way to do it now - is with your business logic. You can create custom service with will receive parent and child and then create/update them in DB.

Regards, Andriy

Any plans of doing this?

No, unfortunately we do not plan to add support for this feature.

Currently relations are established via separate API call or using “deep save”. If we implement this constrain, separate routes will stop to work when it is enabled. Also it will complicate and slower down “deep save” logic.

Regards, Andriy


Thanks for your time!