Publicly available list of Bugs

Trying to grasp new platform (backendless) is not an easy task. Especially when, after some hours of trying, you understand that probably encounter bug. But what could really drive person nuts is when, after posting question in forum about bug, you receive answer from team member “we aware of that and working on fix”.
I’m glad that team is working on it! But why oh why you won’t let others be aware of the bugs too?
Developers shouldn’t inspect all the forum’s pages, trying to search people with same problem. There should be list of bugs that is available to developer

Also, a file detailing the changes in the release of SDK’s, etc would be a huge help also.

Nice ideas, in my opinion are absolutely necessary to improve the performance of this platform:

  • A bug tracking list with status info.
  • SDK´s changes with each release.

Hey guys,

Yes, indeed, great ideas. Publishing a list of changes in the SDK is not that hard and can be done. However, a public bug tracking system can be easily taken advantage by the competitors. If you have an idea how to prevent that, I am all ears.


quick thought:
at least give access to these bugs that already mentioned in Forum. I mean, as soon as someone from your team writes in some topic “we assigned ticket XX to this” it’s already published, just buried somewhere deep in forum

We use JIRA for bug tracking system. The way it works, it does not allow to selectively open up specific tickets. Whenever we reference a ticket XXX, it is done so that a user can inquire about it later.

Hi Mark,

Maybe it could be a solution to create something to ask for a ticket reference without creating a new topic and waiting for the response from the agent.
It could be easier to track the status of the issue.
In my case, I have problems with the custom business logic in JS and I have a reference ticket assigned but I don´t have more info about the solution estimated time or the status of the bug. I have opened many topics related to the same issue. So, now I am waiting, and for example this issue I am facing it for three weeks. I know that to build a mBaas is a hard work and you are making a great effort with your support platform.
We use JIRA also for our development process and we have different possible status for an issue and we assign hours to the dev to solve it. I don´t know if you can share this info, I think that if you can do this you can achieve a better support service to your devs community.

It´s only an idea.


Hi guys,
I spend hours trying to get my code running (not to mention the lack of documentation) and eventually find out that that there is a bug.
I too have the same views as everyone is suggesting. However Mark also pointed a valid reason.
My Suggestion would be

  1. Instead of giving Public access to list of existing bugs. Why not give access to a list of bugs solved ?.
  2. Provide more example codes with a wider range of Use Cases. Something like what did.
  3. Marking a service a Beta or Production (in the documentation as well).