Publish API docs gives error

I was attempting to follow this video

which says to publish your API doc and then pull it by url into

I am using the same shopping cart api as the video
I did pull in the api doc via url however when I try to run the “getInstructions” method directly I get the following error

I did try this via curl on my linux box and it did send back the expected text (though with no formatting )

any idea why is broken?

Thanks again for your time,

too many "g"s… the URL is:

Ok I misspelled it in the question, but the screenshot I sent clearly shows I was on the site which means It was not misspelled when I used it. also since gives "this site cannot be reached " i’d not be able to give you the screenshot (above) if I hadn’t used

Hi @hharrington,

Please change the request type to HTTPS in the schemes.


That did it. I did not notice the schemes drop down on the site.