Publish as PWA, step by step instructions?

Can anybody provide a step by step instruction to publish a Progressive Web Application (PWA) created with Backendless UI Builder?
I’m surprised this was only discussed a few times (and unfortunately not very clear for me)
I will appreciate a lot and I’m sure it will be super useful for potential no-code platform seekers.
Thanks in advance…

It is not fully supported now. But the work on it is in our plans ( inner task [BKNDLSS-24413]).

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Thanks for the quick reply Oleg. As far as I know, Bubble also doesn’t support it officially but someone shared an instruction here.
Do you think it can work for Backendless as well? At least until you completely support it.
I liked your platform very much, this is the only hurdle for me now.

Thanks for choosing us :slight_smile:

I cannot say much about that instruction. Everything is at your own risk.
I think it would be not a right step from us to spent time for testing unsupported feature.
We will post here about the progress.

Thanks again for your attention.