Publish push notification to other Backendless Proyect

Hi Backendless Team, I’m having issues when trying to publish push notifications in this way:
One app publishes push notification to other app (both app’s are working with different backendless projects )

this is the code for the first app:

PublishOptions po = new PublishOptions();
po.putHeader( PublishOptions.ANDROID_TICKER_TEXT_TAG,"User “+” “+current_user.getProperty(“name”).toString() +” “+current_user.getProperty(“last_name”)+” "+“wants to talk to you”);
po.putHeader( PublishOptions.ANDROID_CONTENT_TITLE_TAG, getResources().getString( R.string.app_name ) );
po.putHeader( PublishOptions.ANDROID_CONTENT_TEXT_TAG, “Message”);
// po.putHeader(PublishOptions.MESSAGE_TAG,“MENSAJE DE PRUEBA”);

DeliveryOptions deliveryOptions = new DeliveryOptions();;
deliveryOptions.setPushPolicy( PushPolicyEnum.ONLY );
deliveryOptions.addPushSinglecast(doctor.getDeviceId());–>doctor.getDeviceID is the device registered of the second app

final String subtopic=current_user.getEmail().concat( “with” ).concat(doctor.getEmail());

Backendless.Messaging.publish(“default”, subtopic, po, deliveryOptions, new AsyncCallback<MessageStatus>() {
public void handleResponse(MessageStatus response)
PublishStatusEnum messageStatus = response.getStatus();
if (messageStatus==PublishStatusEnum.SCHEDULED)
Toast.makeText(this, "Message status: " + messageStatus.toString(), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT ).show(); }
Toast.makeText( TablaComentarios.this, "Message status: " + messageStatus.toString(), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT ).show();


 public void handleFault(BackendlessFault fault) {


but in the second app I don’t get the push notification

Please your support.

You can’t push notifications to another app.

You should trigger some event in another app which will cause the push notification.

To do so, in your second app, create some API Service which accepts push options (deviceId, message, …) and sends push notification in a native to this application way.
Then in the first app, make a REST call to created API service and pass push notification options to it

Also, please make sure, that your case requires two backendless projects.
Maybe it would be better for you to have one backendless project and two mobile applications working with it

Thanks for the information I will try what you told me, and I think I require two backendless projects unless I can create other “Table Users” with the same features than the default , but I see I can’t create that