Publish : set Publisher id not Working

Hello Backendless,
I was going all good with Publishing Messgaes on a Channel Through Messaging API . I wanted the Push Notification to not be sent to the One who actually Publishes it . So , I used the Following Snippet of Code :

PublishOptions publishOptions = new PublishOptions();

After deploying this code also , The Publisher Is still getting those push Notifications.I know the Workaarounds to stop
this on the Client Side itself. But , I don’t want those extra bits of messages being sent every now.
I think the SetPublisherId should do the Trick to Stop the Publisher themselves recieveing the Message,But it;s not working
Regards ,
Pujan Paudel

Setting publisher id has no impact on the deliver to the publisher. If you send a notification to devices grouped by OS and publisher belongs to the group, he will get it as well.


Hello @Mark Piller

Okay , Does It Means that we have to Avoid it in the Client Side itself ?
But , Literally When a Broadcaster broadcasts something to a channel it’s quite Obvious that He Knows the Thing and Probably doesn’t need to be notified to that Particular instance of information being broad-casted to that Channel. (Let’s assume this Scenario Literally )
I think you could add a Flag or something to the API ( maybe as a Roadmap on further releases ) as I found that it could be a need of common Use - case too :slight_smile:

An argument could be made both ways. Suppose you’re in a group chat and send a message. Do you see your own message? Of course you do…

Hello @Mark Piller
Okay , You get to See Your Own Messages in a group Chat .But Since you are Sending the Messages, you wouldn’t probably want that “You’rs Very” Message to be Sent to the Server , Published through the Messaging API and Sent back to you Yourself ( That wouldn’t account that much of latency whilst comparing with making a local Change in the UI and recieveing the message recieved Broadcast to Onself before taking that change ) , But Still Why Would we need Relaying of the Data Which we actually have .
Yes , I am saying Relaying of the Data Which We actually have . ( Okay , I understand that the message may not be sent to other users and the local UI may be not the Updated one ) , but That would Cost the Developer 1 Extra Messages Published . And , for a Group Chat app , as you have specified : it may be way too much to Send that 1 extra Messages (I understand that there is the need to think above the limits of the messaging limits available , but we could save Unwanted Data Propagation After all , If the developer wants it :slight_smile:

I hope the Backendless Team can monitor over this Need too.