PublishOptions Missing Property: Headers

Both the documentation and Push Notifications project downloaded via CodeGeneration states that there should be a headers property of PublishOptions class.
Yet, Xcode complains that it’s missing and when I checked the PublishOptions.h, indeed there’s no such property, instead a method as:

-(void) assignHeaders:(NSDictionary *)headers;

I suspect you’ve updated the SDK but not the documentation nor the CodeGeneration module.
Can you please confirm that this method has the same functionality?
And additionally, you might wanna update the documentation, whenever it’s suitable for you, of course…
~ Fatih

You could investigate our sample project (see in attachment). It demonstrates how push notification messaging have to be organized with Backendless SDK.
You can change Bundle Identifier, AppId and SecretKey with yours and try it, how do it work for you?
Now Backendless SDK is dramatically extended, and we plan to correct our documentation asap. (20.56MB)

Hi Vyacheslav,

As I suspected, there’s no longer an assignable headers property; I should use the dedicated method.

The Swift project attached to your comment uses this one unlike the Objective-C project generated by CodeGeneration module of the console I was referring to.
The sample code from it can be seen in the screenshot attached.

It’s all fine, that was just a friendly reminder; I’m very well aware that this issue isn’t even close to be urgent.

Thanks for your reply and confirmation…


Thank you, Fatih, we plan to fix the projects in CodeGeneration section in one of the next releases.