Purpose of "Is Valid User Session"

What is the purpose/use case for the block “Is Valid User Session”?
I didn’t find a documentation at Users API - Backendless Codeless Development Guide (this page doesn’t seem to be up to date).
What would be an invalid user session?


Hi Klaas,

The block implements the following API:
Login - Backendless REST API Documentation


Thanks. Understood. The docu is mentioning:
*However, when the application restarts, it needs to check if the underlying user token, and hence the user session are still valid. *
What does that mean for a web client? I guess “restart” then translates into “page reload”? How/where can I apply “is valid user session” then?


Yes, it would be page reload or open the app in another browser. You’d apply the login the first thing the app does, presumable in the “On Page Enter” event.

But “page reload” is different from “on page enter”. Technically, there is only one page, index.html.
I agree, if this is currently the most appropriate way, I could ask “is valid user session” on each page enter and send the user to the login page if not valid.

Every page has its own “On Page Enter” event. If in your app a user can enter application on any of the pages, then you might want to add this functionality everywhere (presumably via custom function to avoid logic duplication)