Push Commander Final Step


I get no errors in Android Studio until I get to the Register Device code in app/java/MainActivity:

The “context” and “makeText” seems to cause problems.


I accepted the conversation to Koitlin since the standard Java on Client-side Setup - Backendless SDK for Android/Java API Documentation returned errors and I immediately got the pop up to convert Java to Koitlin.

How can I make it right? Everything else is synced without errors.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi Giorgio,

For every problematic line Android studio should give you a detailed error. Please look into what errors mean and try to correct them.


The error is “Element String is not closed”:

In the app manifesto. I copied the code from here: Push Notification Setup (Android) - Backendless SDK for Android/Java API Documentation

Anything I’m missing? Should I edit that code or just copy paste it?

(note: i tried to paste it in different places of the manifesto, the result is the same)

Hi @Giorgio_Barilla

That code block should be placed inside Activity class, not the Manifest.

Best Regards,