Push notification delivered but not able to open my activity after clicking on it

tapping on notification is just opening my main activity not the other one that i have set to open

Hi Dheeraj,

Could you please attach a screenshot showing how you configured the notification?


after registering my device with backendless i set this to get notification which is working but i am not able to see the messages after tapping on notification.

Where do you configure which activity should be executed when the user taps notification?

i am not able to set this because unable to extend BackendlessBroadcastReceiver class

it is unable to extend it


please help me!

Maybe because you didn’t import the class?

No i have imported other Backendless classes are working but not this only

Doesn’t look like it:

this is happening when i am trying to import this class

and there is also showing error in my manifest file

  1. You have the class name misspelled in the manifest
  2. You’re using wrong package name in the code. Should be com.backendless.push