Push Notification - Doubt

I have a doubt about the logic of implementing a Push Notification for my use case. So I have an Android app, that allow you to Sign in (with Backendless/Google Provider) and check out different kind of a Color Palettes. A user also has an option to submit his/her own ColorPalette to backendless database. Now every submitted color when saved into a database table is not approved by default. Approval is done only by me (Admin), with just a simple toggle that allows me to change that approved value from false to true. And after that that color will be visible in the app.

My question is, how would I implement a Push Notification, to notify a user whenever that submitted color palette is approved? Should I add some kind of a update listener with Real-Time database, and when it triggers I make another request to backendless to check if update listener was triggered for that same color palette which is owned and submitted by that userr? And then display the notification.

Hi, @Stefan_Jovanovic

You can try creating a new Event Handler (Category: Data Tables, Event: Update, Context:Your table with the toggle column). I suppose adding the logic inside this Event Hadler that checks the updated value and sends push notification to the user. Event Handlers can be found in the Cloud Code section.

Regards, Marina