Push Notification Headers value not displayed on device.


As i am publishing the push notification using Headers of android which is defined in documentation REST api.

It is successfully published. But the problem is that when i receive push on device it only showing the app name.

But not displaying any headers or any message on it.

Following is the message that i publishing:

“message”: “Hello Push Notification”,
“pushPolicy”: “ONLY”,
“android-ticker-text”: “You just got a push notification!”,
“android-content-title”: “This is a notification title”,
“android-content-text”:“Push Notifications are cool”


Is there any other code i have to add?

Please reply me.


Please find attachment of screenshot the push received on device.

Hi safvan!

I can not reproduce this problem with our test app.
Please, try to run our sample app
https://github.com/Backendless/Android-SDK/tree/master/samples for push notification (PushDemo),
and test your rest request with it.