Push notification ICONs from channel option

Hi Team,
We are facing an issue to set notification icon and sound in the channel option

I couldn’t found any doc related to an icon/sound in the channel

We implemented it via the approach below

  1. We were unable to get custom headers in react native app using a template but able to get using this channel option.
  2. That’s why we used both options i.e template for ANDROID and channel for IOS.
  3. But the problem is now we are unable to set an icon/sound for IOS using channel but able to set all for ANDROID as its template and have all the options to set.

Please help on this ASAP.

Hello @Baljeet_Singh

For set sound use header ios-sound ()
For set badge use header ios-badge
Documentation: Push Notification Headers

I asked for the ICONs

How to change icon in notification iOS?
The layout and presentation of push notifications is defined by iOS you are able to supply an app icon that is always used with your push notifications (always the same) and the textual message. The icon you use must be based on the same app icon you use for the app itself. This is part of the guidelines .