Push Notification iOS (Entity has invalid value)

Hi I have problems following the Push Notification certificates when I try to add the same identifier I’m using in my iOS App.

This is the error, any ideas?

Thanks, Mario

Hi I clear everything and start agin with the AppID and Identifiers.
Now I’m dealing with this new problem "Bad Device Token:.

iPhone to Android works fine but Android to iOS give me this error.

Thanks, Mario

Hello @Mario_Ghersi,

The Bad Device Token error usually occurs when there’s problem with APNS certificate.
I assume this error will also occur when trying to send notification to the iOS device directly from the console not from the Android device.

  1. Please check if the certificate is valid and configured correctly. APNS certificate mode should correspond to the client application mode. The production certificate won’t work with application in the development mode and vice versa.
  2. Try to re-register iOS device with new APNS token (just recall the device registration method).

You can check the error details by calling the get message status method.


Yes I build all the credentials again but only it is working with SANDBOX again.

Still have problems with PRODUCTION credentials.


The production credentials can be used only in production environment.

When you build your app using a development cert, the app will generate a unique device token. This device token will not work on the production push network. When you then build your app with a distribution provisioning profile (App Store or Ad-Hoc) your device will generate a different device token for push notifications.

So, your iOS application should be published to TestFlight, AppStore or installed on the device using the .ipa file to test the production certificate.

Also the certificate mode in the Backendless Console Mobile tab should be set to Production when app is published.