Push notification is not receving

From Firebase console i am getting push notification as alert, but when i am trying from backendless console i didn’t get push notification

please send us your project to support@backendless.com with a link to the topic and also provide instructions how to run the project

Regards, Vlad

project means complete project folder with native code?

yes, please send us the minimal example which reproduces the issue


To send push notification using backendless can we use BackendlessFCMService or any other push notification service?

yes, you can use any other push notification service

With other push notification service backendless can send push notifications from console/manual code with out any intermediate service?

Backendless just send Push Notifications to FCM or APN and then they send the push notifications to your device

So for that we need to configure FCM/APN in backendless?

you can register/save devices in Backendless with relation to users

We have done DeviceRegistration using backendless js call and deviceToken which we are getting from push plugin with ionic

Can we see that messages in particular Firebase console?

we’ve already talked about that in slack, and for investigation your problem we need to reproduce it locally

so, please read @olhadanylova comment:

yes, please send us the minimal example which reproduces the issue

you can ask it on Firebase’ support forum

How we need to send the project folder, we need to setup ionic3 with angular for sample project

the project must reproduce your problem,

  • from Firebase the app receives notifications
  • from Backendless it doesn’t

We will send the project code with push notification tomorrow

We’ve received an archive of your project and internal ticket is created, the ticket number for reference is BKNDLSS-19110

We will investigate the issue as soon as possible

Regards, Vlad

What about the status of issue?

Hi @rajasekhar_puligadda,

The ticket is in progress and we’ll respond here when it will be done.