Push notification issue when app in foreground

push notification does not work as expected if the app is on foreground
this was working fine 6 hours ago
i did not change any code on the app or server and tested on multiple android devices. using Cordova

the notification are received but displayed on the notification center not with the app push.on('notification', function (data) when the app are on the foreground

Hi, @mohammad_altoiher

Could you provide an example in standalone application where we can reproduce this issue?

Regards, Denys

sorry i cant.
its Cordova on android with the havesource-cordova-plugin-push 1.0.0 “Cordova Push Plugin”
so you guys can test it. nothing special on my end

@mohammad_altoiher, we would need your help to help you…

i just made a test using firebase without backendless and its the same result.
its not an issue from your end. it must be an issue with firebase or cordova.