Push notification messages are not pushed immediately or not at all

Push notification messages are not pushed immediately or not at all.

We followed your documentation and sample app and we got to send many push notifications, but from time to time the messages do not arrive, arrive very late (minutes or hours later) or get duplicated (…)

Any help with that?

Hi Tsadok,

Since Google GCM cannot garantie delivery of notification and Backendless is using GCM you can expirience such issue.



I’ve made some tests to compare sending notification messages using Backendless push notification service and directly from Firebase console. There were a lot of delays and even some missing messages when using Backendless and no delays and no missing messages when sending directly from Firebase console.

It seems to me, and I hope that I’m wrong, that Backendless service is not yet robust enough to be used as a reliable infrastructure for sending push notifications.

BTW - I have the same impression when using Backendless geolocation service and live broadcasting service. The API is usually very simple and straight forward but the backend feels sometimes like backend-less.

By now we’ve invested a lot of time and efforts integrating Backendless services in our application but we would probably need to re-evaluate our decision to use Backendless services.

Hi Tsadok,

it would be greate if you share details of your test. I mean how many many messages you have published, how many registered devices was? And we will try to reproduce this issue.

Hi Sergey,

The tests were done manually by our testing team and they were simple - send 10 notification messages using Backendless service and the same amount directly using Firebase console. We were using for only two Android devices these tests.

BTW - some of the messages that were sent using Backendless service and were not received by our devices in a reasonable time (3-4 seconds) were delivered multiple times (!) several hours later

We’re still receiving messages that were sent yesterday!

This morning we tested PubNub’s push notification service and it worked without any flaws.