Push notification not delivered

Hi everyone,

I’m facing a strange issue. When I use the command pushWithTemplate inside my app sending by channel, the notification reaches my device but if I try the same using the Backendless dashboard, it appears that message was sent but the notification doesn’t arrive.

If I try the same but using the segment by device id, in both methods the device shows the notifications.

What can be the reason?


Hello @Roberio_Lima

We’ll investigate this issue and answer you as soon as possible.

Regards, Inna

I investigated your problem and could not reproduce it. If you still have a problem, please provide us with the APP ID and a minimal example to reproduce the problem.


Thank you Inna!

I did a test deleting the previous template and creating a new one, and this time I could receive the notification in the device after sending the message by the dashboard using the channel method.

I don’t know why but apparently the error was in some misconfiguration in the other template.
If I identify something I post here but I think this topic can be closed.