Push notification not receiving on Android device

my device got registerd.bt icnt get push notifications.

Do you see the device in the Messaging > Devices tab?

Hello! I’m facing the same problem, “Not receiving PUSH notifications on Android device”.

I can see registered device under Message->Default->Device Tab.
I have added the Header part and selected the Device and Published it but it says “Message scheduled” and not received.
I’m using the default Broadcast Receiver. And the Server API key is good.

Is the API enabled in google developer console?

What do the headers look like when you send a message?


Hi Mark. My bad can you please tell me which api to enable in google developer console?
Header as below

“android-content-text”:“content text”, “android-content-title”:“content title”, “android-ticker-text”:“ticker text”

it should be “Google Cloud Messaging”.

Please watch this webinar, it reviews every single step required to configure push notifications. Perhaps there is something you missed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIbv0GUyZ_Q

Thanks Mark!

hi ,Abubaker

I have the same problem and I found the issue
the problem was on the GOOGLE API KEY
after you ENABLE the GOOGLE CLOUD MESSAGING SERVICE (see the screen shoot)
this warning will appear

This API is enabled, but you can’t use it in your project until you create credentials.
Click “Go to Credentials” to do this now (strongly recommended). (see the screen shoot)

click on go to credential button

will navigate to another page to create your key
he will ask you a question : (see the screen shoot)
[h4]Where will you be calling the API from?[/h4]and here was the issue
you must choose (web service ) not android or IOS or another choice .
because the google service message will contact with the backendless service

then use this key in your backendless application , the push notification will work correctly .

please mark metion this in the DOC



Enabling the google cloud message.PNG

I believe all of these instructions are already in the doc:



I got the same error and worked behind it for 5 hours and finally I got solution.

Actually, I had blind faith on google cloud messaging , but the fault lies there only. What I did was disable GCM and again enable it and voila it works!

What you have to do is go to Console of google app engine > go to API manager > In Overview you will have two panes. One of then is ‘Enable APIs’ Go there and disable Google Cloud Messaging > Come back to Overview and again Enable it. Hope it works!