Push notification not sent

I’m Trying to send a push notification with the below content , I got “Please wait” message for a minute and no thing sent
Message Content : “مرسي هدفه شهد ومش هيتنازل والطعم المره دى هيكون من قلب بيت “الأسطورة” الليلة على MBC مصر الساعة 10 مساءً توقيت القاهرة، 8 مساءً غرينتش”

Make sure that:

  1. Application is configured with correct Google server key
  2. Client app has correct GCMsenderId
  3. Device is registered
  4. Message is sent with all necessary headers

If it doesn’t help - try to use our sample or generated code to find out where is the problem.