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Push Notification Without Login

(Fatih Batal) #1


Quick question here.
It’s way too simple, I know but I’m on a very close deadline and I don’t have time for trial and error.
Well, can I send push notifications to iOS and Android devices that didn’t logged in using BackendlessUser services?

Or do they have to be logged in through a somewhat anonymous login mechanism?

It’s an open app, everyone can use and benefit and users ( who installed the device not necessarily registered or logged in ) should receive notifications about the sessions of the congress.


~ Fatih

(Fatih Batal) #2

Answering my own question, again; I’ve created a sample application and found out that it works.
No need to login to receive push notifications.

(Sergey Chupov) #3


Yes, logging in is not required to receive push notifications. Only registering device is needed.

Sorry for the delay :slight_smile:

(Fatih Batal) #4

Thank you Sergey…