Push Notifications Channels


I have an android applications with push notifications.
When I publish a notification to 2,3…n channels , and a user is registered to those channels, he receives the same number of notifications.

Is there any feature in the SDK that will allow the user to receive only one notification?

User is registered to channels “A”, “B”, “C” and “D”.
The backend sends a push notification to channels “A” and “D” - i still haven’t found a way to send a single notification to multiple channels at once.

Current behaviour: user receives 2 push notifications.
Expected behavior: user receives 1 push notification.

Thank you,

Hi Mihai,

Basically what you want to achieve it to receive 1 message from 2 channels - this doesn’t even seem logical. There’s no way to do that with Backendless API.

But you may store some “ID” field in your messages and filter them on the client, thus when he receives consequent messages with the same ID, he will just ignore them.

Hi Sergey,

Thanks for the idea. This will solve my issue.
Any plans for implementing a method like:

“publish(, <other params>)”?

Thank you,


There are no plans for multi-channel publishing. With the currently supported message filtering capabilities (subtopics and selectors), we believe there are enough means to accomplish any imaginable pub/sub scenario.


Hi Sergey, I have a question.

If you filter the message in the client, there’s no way to avoid spend push notifications on the server side?

Hi Mark, maybe can you explain a little bit how can I avoid spend some push notifications on the server side if a user is registered to some channels?