Push notifications issues, billing plan?

Hi, We tried to send a push notification yesterday but nothing was received by the mobile devices running the app. Sending the push notifications worked earlier even though this was a while ago. Is the push notifications not working, connected to our billing plan?



Hi Ahmed,

If the limit for the number of push notifications has not been exhausted for your current plan, it should work. There are a lot of variables and configuration parameters to get push notifications working. Please describe in detail what has been done both in the app and in Backendless.


Hi Mark,

I am not sure where to check the limit for the number of push notifications. Before we would go to messages -> push notifications: https://develop.backendless.com/TawfiiqSalaa/messaging/notifications/compose and send the notifications. It´s been a while we have sent any notification to be honest. We have not changed the app or anything in backendless.
The app has been developed for us by a freelance developer.


Hi @Ahmed_Mohammed

Can you please provide your application ID and the code sample you use to receive the notification?

Best Regards,

Hi Maksym,
i don´t have a sample of the code unfortunately. Here is our app id.
App ID: C086FE4D-4588-D303-FFFC-899F17466500

Thanks @Ahmed_Mohammed
I will check out it. Meanwhile try to reinstall the application and send the notification again.

Hi @Ahmed_Mohammed

Please contact your freelance developer and ask him to debug your app, because we don’t see any issues from our side.

Regards, Vlad