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Push Notifications not working

(Naga Setty) #1


Noticed that from last 1 hour we are not receiving push notifications. We have checked on our side everything is good.
Also we are still in credit the number of push notifications.
Please look into this.

(Anton Govorushkin) #2

Hi Naga

If I understood you correctly - notifications have been working fine and issue started persisting without changes in code on your side? If yes -
please provide your applicationId.

And also please explain what do you mean by " still in credit the number of push notifications"?

Regards Anton

(Naga Setty) #3

Yes issue came up without changes in code.

Application ID: 867B9E9D-1EA5-0B50-FF76-9E4562456700
When I mean push notifications in credit means we have not crossed our plan limits.


(Vasilii Aleksandrov) #4

The same problem for me. I tried both Development and Production certificates, but nothing works. It registers new devices, but do not send messages. Code was not modified

(Vasilii Aleksandrov) #5

It is very strange, but I’ve just received my notifications, which was sent about 3 hours ago

(Vasilii Aleksandrov) #6

Maybe there is a problem with timezones? I checked it. 3h40m-3h55m the difference between the time when push was sent and when was received

(Anton Govorushkin) #7


There was an issue on our side which is already fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Naga could you please verify?

Regards Anton

(Naga Setty) #8


Yes… Notifications are working fine…thanks for the quick update.


(Mehmet Aktas) #9

Same problem continues for me. I have an application in the market and I cannot receive notifications for 2 days. I did not make any code changes.

(Mehmet Aktas) #10

I can send notifications from backendless console but scheduling a notification using android is not working (which was working fine 2 days ago).

(Mark Piller) #11

Just Android or iOS too?

Do you send notifications with immediate delivery or scheduled?

Finally, what is your app ID?


(Mehmet Aktas) #12

Hi Mark,

I do not send notifications to iOS so it is just Android. Notifications are scheduled (delayed actually). I tried many times and debug my apps to catch the notification in Notification service but it did not come.

My app is EB717596-23EE-E7A7-FF76-1766FB5B7100


(Mark Piller) #13

Hi Mehmet,

Could you check if notifications for immediate delivery (not the scheduled ones) arrive as expected?


(Mehmet Aktas) #14

Yes, I just tried and commented out the “deliveryOptions.setPublishAt(DATE);” line and the notification is received successfully. I think there is a problem with the scheduled one.

(Mark Piller) #15

Thank you for confirming it. I will open a ticket to investigate the issue.


(Mehmet Aktas) #16

Thank you for the support Mark. I’ll be waiting the issue to be resolved. This is very important for my app.

Thanks again.

(Mark Piller) #17

To set your expectations about the process:

we’re going to verify the issue first. If we can reproduce it, it will be added to the current iteration. Once fixed and tested, it will be deployed to the site. It may take one to two weeks.


(Mehmet Aktas) #18

Thanks for the info. Hopefully it will not last longer.

(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #19

Hi Mehmet,

we have fixed issue with scheduled publish. please check if everything ok

(Mehmet Aktas) #20

Hi Sergey,

Thanks for all the support. It looks like everything is working fine. The problem is gone.