Push notifications


We just made an upgrade to the Backendless server, and push notifications are not working anymore. They use to work before we did the server upgrade. We made the new certificates including the push notifications service, but without success. Is there anything we need to do?


Hi Isabela,

Do you mean “Managed Backendless” by “upgrade to the Backendless server”?

Is the problem with iOS or Android push notifications?


Hi Mark,

Honestly I don’t quite understand your question. We used the free service of Backendless, and after we did an upgrade. Why it matters what kind of upgrade we’re having, we’re supposed to have PN support despite the server level.

On the other hand, we’re paying 2.5 K USD a month! and what we’re getting back no Push Notifications.

The sad part is my client wants to submit his application this Friday! and to be honest at this point we’ll need a miracle to do that.

I hope you understand the seriousness of this situation and try to take action ASAP.


Hi Isabella,

Mark asked with what a platform - iOS or Android - the problem is? We need this info to reproduce this issue.


On iOS

You wrote: “We made the new certificates including the push notifications service, but without success”.
Is it sandbox or universal certificate?

Certificate .p12 MUST be with password, and appropriate provisioning profile have to be set on device.

It’s sandbox. It has also password…

Have you regenerated (and deployed in iPhone Configuration utility) provisioning profile after you created new .p12 certificate?

So after I create the new .p12 certificate, I need to make another provisioning profile?

Yes, the instructions are here: https://backendless.com/documentation/messaging/ios/messaging_xcode_setup_for_apn.htm

Thank you, they are working for now.