Push Templates and Android Notification Categories

Is it intentional that for each “Push Template” defined within a Backendless app, there will be an associated “Notification Category” within a connected Flutter Android mobile app?

I was just experimenting with the notification handling in my application and for every random testing push template that I have created, my associated Android mobile app shows a controllable notification category to the app user. This seems weird to me and I have not seen this association documented anywhere (though I easily could have missed something).

If this behavior is intentional/necessary, is there any way to control the presence of the push-templates-as-notification-categories? I tried creating a push template limited to just iOS, but it is still shown within my Android app’s settings.


Hello, @Zach_Robinson.
Could you please explain in more detail what the problem is?
Honestly, I don’t understand what exactly your question is, and what’s wrong with push templates.

Regards, Nikita.

All of the “Push Templates” in my Backendless app:

become “permission categories” in my Flutter Android app:

Yes, for each template was created separated push notification channel.
This is expected behavior.

Regards, Nikita.

Is there any Backendless-developer level control over that behavior? For some cases it makes sense, but I don’t think all.

Are the templates parameterized? Can I create a push template like “Invoice Reminder” with title “{customerId} your bill in the amount of {amount} is due!”, and then supply values for “customerId” and “amount” at send-time? If that’s possible, then I can see the value in this and setting up a notification channel/category per.

If, though, there is no parameterization like this, then I’d end up needing to create multiple customer-specific templates, which would be visible as channels to all app users, which is not ideal.

It also seems erroneous to create an Android notification channel for a push template that is defined to be iOS only.

Yes, templates are parameterized