QR Scanner for Web Application


ist there any possibility to scan a QR code directly from a web app to retrieve the String in the QR code or the link?

Thanks for your help

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Hello @Louis_Schieferle

We haven’t any ready solution for this, but I believe it could be done using external libraries.

I’ve created an internal ticket(MARKET-1512) to research what we can do, and if we implement such component I will notify you.

Regards, Dima.

Thanks a lot. Do you have any step by step explanation videos on how to create such a component from external libraries? Or can you recommend a developer who could help me with that?

hello @Louis_Schieferle

You can take a look at how to build a custom component here Custom UI Components in Backendless UI Builder

and by the following URL you can find a git repo where we build components for our marketplace ui-builder-library/components at main · Backendless/ui-builder-library · GitHub

Regards, Vlad