Question about the BTC Market Ticker - Case Study

What did he use for the UI? Backendless or something else? If it was Backendless, do you have docs on how to deploy to the stores?

This was done before we had UI Builder. If you build your UIs with UI Builder, this is the recommended way to create native builds and publish to app stores:

Thank you Mark, this is a big step forward and great work. I will be looking into this but have a few quick questions:

  1. Does this use the backendless IDE (UI Builder).

  2. Does it allow for accessing and working with images in the device’s photo gallery.

  3. Can it work with local data stores (such as SQLite) on the device for working offline until can syncronize later when online?

I am not sure what you’re referring to when you say “this”. If it is the native flutter shell I referenced in the previous post, no, it is a separate open source project which will work with whatever you build in Backendless console.

The file upload functionality can see local files.

You can use device’s local storage. We already provide codeless blocks for that function.