Question on multiple custom domains

Hi there,

I have a question on „multiple custom domains” as described in the Cloud 99 plan.

I plan to relaunch a system of multiple specialized niche job boards with a shared core/backend with Backendless.

The reason of a central core is that the job boards have partly overlapping target groups. And job offers that fit the respective target group are distributed by the editors to the relevant job portals.

As an example: a job is advertised on portal A. If this fits on portal C and E too, it will also be published there (by hand).

My desired stack is building the frontends of the job boards with Webflow and using Backendless as core system (DB) and for auth/user management. The admin panel is planned to be built with UI Builder or Retool.

After my first impressions, I think the data handling from various domains/sources should be no problem.

My question is if it’s possible to send emails (registration, password recovery etc.) over the messaging functionality with different sender domains when they are connected to Backendless.

Regardless – do you see any general problem in my setup?

Thank you for your feedback!


Hello @Sascha,

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have support for sending different emails with different senders.
But this is a nice idea, we’ll discuss it with the team, thank you!


Hi Stanislaw,

Thanks for your reply.


Hi Sascha,

As a workaround, you could send emails from the Cloud Code by directly connecting to your own SMTP server. Yes, you’d lose the benefit of the email templates we offer.

Is the need for different sender domains driven by the multitenancy of your app?


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply.

Of course that’s an option, but the idea was to have everything consolidated. For example, the nice out of the box features like user verification via confirmation link. But yes, in case of doubt I have to solve it in another way.

Yes. There’s jobboard-a .de, jobboard-b .de etc. Therefore, administrative e-mails such as registration must come from the corresponding domain/job board.

But as a first step I would start with one portal anyway. Maybe in a few months there will be the possibility to send from multiple domains :slight_smile: