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Questions about Function Pack uninstall

(Wakim Jraige) #1

I’ve installed a Function Pack to increase execution time of Server Code to 20s, and uninstalled it later because do not resolve my problem (already resolved in another issue).

But i cannot see the credits of uninstallation, and my credit card was billed in more two transactions of 1 dollar each which i don’t recognize from any purchase made on MarketPlace. My app id is: 0331A267-8882-04C2-FFFA-A41ACF56F000.

I want to purchase another Functional Pack but for another app (6EBD10E2-F126-8686-FFE2-92665224C200), but i want to use the credit from the other Uninstallation. Is it possible?

Best Regards,
Wakim Jraige.

(Alexandr Navara) #2

Hello, Wakim!

There is no direct way to do it. I’ve opened an internal ticket to find a way to help you in this question. Its id is 12838. We shall contact you ASAP.
best regards,

(Wakim Jraige) #3

Thanks a lot Alexandr.

(Denys Konakhevych) #4

Hi Wakim,

There is 1 transaction for 4.99$ on 06/16/2016 02:12PM EDT. Refund for this transaction was made on 06/16/2016 02:13PM EDT. So transaction has been refunded successfully.