Radio button group (built-in) vs. radio buttons list (marketplace)

In UI Builder, “radio button group” is an available component, “out of the box”. In the Marketplace, there is a UI component “radio buttons list”. What’s the difference? Why would someone want to use the marketplace component vs. the built-in component?

We need to create a list of radio buttons according to an array of items (so the array sometimes has two items, but sometimes more). Seems like with the marketplace component we can use “Options logic” to feed it the array… but in the built-in component we need to know the number of items in the array beforehand. Is this correct? Any advice = much appreciated :grinning:

Hello @Alex_Klein

In general, there are no big differences. The marketplace components contain needed bindings out of the box, which is more convenient to set up.


Hi @Inna_Shkolnaya,
Can I populate the built-in “radio button group” component with an array of options (label, value pairs), where the array can be any length? If so, how?

Or should I use the marketplace “radio buttons list” component where this seems to be an option? I know I can create a repeater with individual radio button components, which then have to be wired up so they are mutually exclusive “on change” but I would rather pick the simplest way to do what needs to be done…

Also, what needed bindings are you referring to?

Hi @Alex_Klein,
If you need to use an array to add options, it’s better to use the Radio Buttons List component from the marketplace. Also, Radio Buttons List component options automatically mutually exclusive “on change”